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Entry requirements to Uruguay - SANITARY PANDEMIC by COVID-19

Considering that the health emergency measures in Uruguay have been lifted and a new Decree of the Executive Power, 103/2022 - Decree 103/2022-, is issued, it is not required to have a negative PCR result as of 04/01/2022 for the entry to Uruguay for people with a complete vaccination schedule (one or two doses depending on the type of vaccine administered) or who have had the disease between 10 and 90 days prior to entering the country (which must be proven by a medical certificate and/or a positive PCR result where the date of test being carried out is clearly indicated).

As of 04/01/2022, negative PCR is not requested to enter to Uruguay of people with a complete vaccination schedule or who have had the disease between 10 and 90 days prior to entering Uruguay."


To enter the country, is it mandatory to be vaccinated against COVID-19?


It is not mandatory to be vaccinated. Unimmunized foreigners must process the Exceptional Income Request.

What is considered an immunized person?

  • People who prove they have received the single dose or the two doses, depending on the type of vaccine supplied, approved by their country of origin, within the last 9 months of the last dose and after the waiting period to achieve immunity.

  • People who have had the disease within the last 90 days. They must certify by means of a molecular biology PCR-RT test or antigen detection test, carried out from 10 (ten) and up to a maximum of 90 (ninety) days prior to shipment or arrival in the country. *

* Updated information according to modifications established in the Decree N° 32/022.


Who should swab?

All people over 6 years old.

How far in advance should I get the swab?

It must be done a maximum of 72 hours prior to the trip.

Where should I get the swab done?

In a laboratory authorized in the country of origin or transit.

What should I do when entering Uruguay?

Preventive isolation and swab information upon arrival.

Do I have to have Health coverage when I enter?

Yes. To enter Uruguay the person must have a health service in the country or travel insurance that covers their stay.


Can I enter with my vehicle?

Yes. If you enter with your vehicle, the term of stay of the car will be for the same period of authorization. Once the deadline has expired, the current customs violation process will begin.


If I am Uruguayan or a resident foreigner, can I enter Uruguay if I am experiencing COVID-19?

Yes, decree 7/22 enables exceptional income in these cases.

The visitor is also encouraged to download the Coronavirus UY health IT / mobile application.​



DECREE 103/2022

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