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visa uruguay


The necessary documents for Uruguayan visa applications for each candidate are:


The necessary documents for Uruguayan visa applications for each candidate are:

  • A valid passport - (scanned)

  • A recent photo with white background - (scanned). The photo must have been taken within the past six months

  • Visa form (scroll down for the form)

  • Reserved flight ticket (when the visa is ready to be issued, a purchased ticket must be shown otherwise the visa will NOT be issued to the passport)

  • Valid hotel reservation / Accommodation

  • Bank account statements for past six months

  • Apostilled criminal record of the country of residence obtained within the last three months. (The document in Spanish can be obtained from e-devlet 

  • In the case that you have lived in another country for over 3 months within the past 5 years, an apostilled/legalized criminal record must be obtained from each country where you have resided

  • 54 USD/person (non refundable). The bank details will be given once the documents are sent. 

  • A signed letter stating your purposes (business/tourism/study) in Uruguay

  • Interview at the Consulate (appointed date will be set by consular officers)


​If you are currently residing, studying, or working in Türkiye, we would also like you to present:

  • A document stating your purpose of stay in Türkiye such as a student document/work permit/residence permit.

  • Any bill that is under your name

  • A letter from your current employer or "Öğrenci Belgesi" from your university

  • Please be advised that there must be 30 days between the application date and the date of travel

Please be advised that:

  • Original documents must be submitted at the interview.

  • All documents should be scanned in PDF format, named accordingly, and sent as separate attachments.

  • All documents should be sent separately for each individual applicant.

  • Photos should be scanned and saved as a JPEG and should be no bigger than 512 KB.

  • If there are any valid visas in the applicant’s passports, please send scanned copies of the valid visas.

  • The visa application process might take more than 21 business days.


The documents should be attached and sent as indicated above. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Consulate General of Uruguay once all the attached documents have been sent in accordance with these instructions. If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail and the visa process would not have started.

The Consulate General will notify the applicant about the result of the application. If the visa is approved, the applicant will have 60 days to get the visa issued onto the passport. Once the visa is stamped on the passport, the applicant will have 60 days to enter the country. 

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